Information required for pricing

You will find as you review our website a variety of sizes, shapes, stocks and colors to choose from.

Answer the following questions and you'll have the information necessary to place your label order:

1. What is the size and quantity?

2. What are the ink colors and paper stock?

3. How will the label be applied - hand or machine?

4. What is the label being applied to? Different adhesives may be required in order to adhere to different surfaces

5. What will the label be exposed to (water,heat, cold, etc.)?

Our expectation is that we will receive “Usable Artwork”. If extensive artwork manipulation is required, additional charges may apply. Ask a Sales Associate for details.

Usable Artwork is defined as..

Crisp black and white art; no photocopies or faxes.

Leaves a 1/8” border from edge of label and/or inside borders.

Multi-color orders require color separated art with color
placement specifically denoted.



 Pigment color foils

1. Stone Grey
2. Custard Chambrey
3. Mango Orange
4. Sky Blue
5. Kelly Green
6. Cobalt Royal
7. Navy Blue
8. Grass Green
9. Pine Green
10. Mocha Brown
11. Saffron Yellow
12. Lobster Red
13. Paprika Red
14. Cranberry
15. Cotton White
16. Tuxedo Black

 Metallic Color Foils

1. Red
2. Blue
3. Purple
4. Aqua
5. Pink
6. Teal
7. Green
8. Copper
9. Gold
10. Silver

 Other metallics available

*Special Effects
*Holographic Patterns